Blackjack Winners

Blackjack Winners

There are some players who just seem to have it all worked out – who know exactly the right way to become blackjack winners without so much as breaking a sweat. They look cool and collected, and they make all of the right calls at the right time in order to walk away with a profit at the end of a session of playing. Casino operators do not like them because they often take too much cash from the house –and they are often known as advantage players, for the fact that they have knowledge and strategy skills that give them an advantage over everyone else.

There are several kinds of advantage play out there, but you will only need to master one of the blackjack strategies if you want to join the elusive ranks of these blackjack winners and start to make money from the game yourself. The problem that you will face more than anything else is the fact that the casino operators will not want you to play at their casino if they realise that you are an advantage player; though there is nothing illegal in the techniques that you might try, it is at their discretion to ask you to move on from the blackjack tables or even to leave the casino, and if you try to argue your case with them then you may even find yourself getting permanently banned from the venue, so this is never advised. In order to get away with using strategies that will give you a better chance of winning, you have to follow two rules of thumb: first, you must practice and practice until you are good enough at using these techniques to make it look as though you are just betting randomly without thinking about it, and second, you must target only those casinos where it does not seem as though there is going to be anyone noticing that you are using advantage play. Many smaller land based casino venues will fit this bill, as they will not include that higher level of vigilance in the training for their pit bosses and croupiers. In fact, you can find discussion on this topic on the internet, where blackjack players will talk about their experiences and report on which tables at which casinos gave them the best results, so that you might be able to follow in their footsteps (provided of course that the casino does not read the reports as well and make corrections in their staff and set ups to prevent such loopholes).

You will find that there are opportunities to use your advantage play techniques in land based casinos without any fear of backlash, too: if you feel that you have enough ability to go up against other blackjack winners and come out on top then you may want to consider joining a blackjack tournament, as there will be many chances for you to do so throughout each year. There is a major international tournament to join in with if you feel that you are already at that kind of level, but if you want to train up a little bit more first there are also national and regional competitions that you will be able to enter, with the aim of being the player who remains at the end with the most chips in their possession above all of the other players. This can be a very competitive game because of the fact that a lot of those who get into playing it are very intelligent, which is almost a prerequisite for learning many of these techniques to a high enough standard (though hard work and perseverance are also key elements which cannot be overlooked in their importance). You will find that you are able to watch videos from these tournaments or read reports about how the play went down on the internet any time that you want to, so this is a good way to get an idea of what it is all about if you are wondering about whether it would be the kind of thing that you want to get involved in. Professional play can be rewarding if you have the skills that are need to succeed!

You will even find that if you begin to get noticed as a frequent visitor to these tournaments, and especially if you start to attract attention from the press, that you may be approached by online casino sites and other gambling brands who often sponsor blackjack winners so that their brand can receive more visibility and get your tacit support. All you are likely to have to do is to wear their livery when you are playing and perhaps take part in online events or special appearances, and they will either pay you a set fee or perhaps even fund your entry into the tournaments that you wish to take part in. This is a great way to get more out of your blackjack games, which you can play at Planet 7 Casino, but it really does take a lot of training and hard work to get to that kind of stage and even if you were to start on that journey now it might be many years before you get to the right kind of level. The first stage has to be building up your bankroll so that you are able to start taking part in tournaments in the first place, so it is important to keep going for as long as possible with your advantage games.

Once you do begin to win the blackjack games more often, you will find that you get more attention from casinos who are suspicious of your methods, and this is one of the main issues that face blackjack winners on a regular basis. It is never easy to avoid the overeager pit bosses who want to make sure that they keep their floor clean and bring in big profits for their employers, so you need to work on your poker face or find a strategy that works online.

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